What’s the difference between the pitch and the campaign production?

The pitch is your idea and an explanation of how the campaign will look, feel and convey the message to community to encourage people to quit smoking.

If you are chosen as a finalist, you will have the opportunity to present and workshop your pitch idea with our expert judging panel. If chosen as the #1 pitch, you will be fully supported by industry experts to develop a suite of elements for a full campaign that will be seen across Latrobe Valley.

What does it cost to enter?

Entry is free. If chosen as the #1 pitch, production of your pitch into a campaign will be fully subsidised.

Do I have to produce a video for the pitch?

No, a video is not required for the pitch.  If you can produce a visual representation of what you wish to achieve, this would be handy and give us a good idea of your vision for your pitch. You may choose to submit your pitch as a written idea, using pictures or illustrations, as a storyboard, in graphics or dot points.

What’s in it for me?

Five finalists will be awarded $1000, which they receive by participating in the pitch workshop with the judging panel. Those who are selected as a Judges’ Shout Out will be awarded $100 each for their efforts. The final selected pitch will receive $4,500 as remuneration for their time to produce their pitch into a campaign with the full support of industry experts to produce their campaign elements.

What happens if my pitch is accepted?

If your pitch is judged to be one of five finalists, you will participate in a pitch workshop, day and time to be confirmed. The #1 pitch will then be announced in July 2020 and the entrant contacted to discuss and liaise timeframes to produce their campaign.

What are the deadlines?

Pitch entries open on 11 May 2020 at 12:01am (AEST) and close 14 June 2020 at 11:59pm (AEST).

Finalists will be notified of their success in July 2020 and will have to be available for the pitch workshop during July 2020.

The #1 pitch will then be announced in August 2020.

How do I submit my pitch?

Submit your pitch using the online submission form and template at

Do I have to be a professional filmmaker or TV producer?

This competition is open to the Latrobe Valley community (people who live, work or play in the Valley) with any skill and experience level. While professionals may enter you do not have to be a professional filmmaker or graphic designer to have a good idea. If your pitch idea is chosen as the #1, you will have full support of local industry experts to develop your campaign.

 How is the pitch judged?

Five finalists will be selected by our expert judging panel based on criteria including inclusion of one or more of ‘The Facts’, uniqueness, clear comprehension and a compelling storyline.

Where will my campaign be shown?

The winning campaign will be shared in various ways, depending on your pitch idea. Your campaign has the opportunity to be shown on social media, television and other channels across Latrobe, such as radio and print (posters/billboards etc.)

What rights do I retain if my work is chosen?

You retain creative rights to your pitch and your video production. Broadcast rights will be retained by Gippsland Primary Health Network. By entering your pitch and developing your campaign with local experts employed by Gippsland Primary Health Network, you are signing over the rights for your work to be broadcast as Gippsland Primary Health Network chooses.


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